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Ensuring Water Safety, Every Drop of the Way!

Welcome to Ellensburg Backflow.

We prioritize the safety and integrity of your water supply. With a focus on backflow prevention solutions for sprinkler systems, we ensure that your potable water remains clean and uncontaminated. Our team specializes in the installation, maintenance, and testing of backflow prevention devices, including backflow preventers, check valves, and vacuum breakers. Committed to compliance with local regulations and industry standards, we provide reliable and efficient services to safeguard your property and community from the risks associated with backflow. Trust us to protect your water supply and keep your sprinkler system running smoothly.

As you turn on your tap, clean, safe water is expected. In Ellensburg, this expectation is not only expected but a requirement. The city mandates annual testing for all backflow-prevention assemblies to uphold the integrity of our public water supply. This proactive approach is essential in safeguarding against contamination, ensuring that every drop remains pure and refreshing for our community.

Imagine the simple pleasure of turning on your tap for a crisp, clean drink of water. That flow is made possible by the pressure within the distribution system, guiding water through the pipes and into your glass. Yet, occasionally, a sudden shift in pressure can disrupt this flow, causing water to unexpectedly reverse direction. This phenomenon, known as backflow, poses a serious risk, potentially allowing contaminants to infiltrate your water supply. It's a reminder of why backflow prevention is crucial to maintaining the purity and safety of your drinking water.

Fortunately, many plumbing fixtures and appliances come equipped with built-in mechanisms for backflow prevention. For instance, the majority of sink faucets are strategically installed above the basin to prevent any potential backflow. However, not all systems incorporate these preventive features. In such cases, specialized devices and assemblies are integrated into the system to safeguard the purity of your drinking water. It's important to note that if your system includes a backflow prevention assembly, regular annual testing is imperative to ensure its effectiveness in protecting your water supply.
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